About Us

Mountain Crest Homes was founded in 2015. The developer, Dan Simon, has been creating beautiful, high quality real estate projects around the South Sound region for over 40 years.

Mission Statement

Simple Philosophy… Create exceptional quality built homes for our clients with the end goal that every client has the home of their dreams.

Our team’s focus is quality over quantity. Create and build homes by paying close attention to all construction details from foundation to the finishing touches. The proof of our success will be our happy homeowners, those customers who are beyond pleased with their decision to choose to have their dream home built by Mountain Crest Homes.

The buyers are always first—and quality is always a guarantee with a Simon built home!

Who We Are

Dan Simon started in real estate when he was just 19 years of age. He began as a real estate agent selling raw land and various properties around the state, then ventured deeper into the real estate development arena after working several years as a land broker. Dan continued his real estate career through land acquisition and brokering many raw land properties to local developers on both the west and east side of Washington State. By his early 30’s, he worked his way into building new home developments. Other fascinating and pioneering projects came throughout the years, finding and acquiring land through partnerships with the land and planning services department, and finally breaking ground on that land! The end product always speaks for itself—a testament of showcasing the unique quality found in every home.

Dan has the ability to forecast and plan each individual project he develops. His initial ideas are often first scribbled out on a napkin. With careful planning, one of those scribbles became a dream come true in the form of a 6-story, first of its kind condominium project overlooking the Commencement Bay. This project paved the way for what is now Point Ruston, Tacoma’s premier waterfront district, where people come by the thousands to enjoy the beautiful vistas, sample wonderful food and take in a movie now and again.

This 21-homesite, luxury rambler community at Mountain Crest in Eatonville was one of these visions, or scribbles if you will. Dan crafted these uniquely designed ramblers with high quality interior and exterior details that will stand the test of time.

Dan and his family loves all the wonders the Pacific Northwest has to offer, fishing and hunting and spending time with his family.

Meet Our Team

Barb Williams Listing Agent, Designer & Customer Service
Barb’s approach to real estate is more than just doing business…it’s a way of life. From the moment she steps onto raw land she starts to visually create the finished product and works together with land development experts to completion. Always working in the background, Barb assists with the look and feel of the community design along with the interior design of the homes themselves. The goal is to always match the buyer’s lifestyle with their new home and complete the grand vision for the project that started many months or years prior.

Stormie Astry Accounting
Stormie is the Accountant and Administrative Assistant and helps keep the office running no matter what it takes or is required of the day. She is honest, witty, trustworthy, and makes working a fun time for others around her. She knows how to treat customers and vendors with respect and pays close attention to detail, which is needed in a busy office environment.

Chala Stalkfleet Project Manager
Chala is our project manager and responsible for keeping each phase of the project on schedule. She is on site daily accomplishing her many duties including monitoring the construction of each home, working with the staff, scheduling work crews and making sure each detail is met with the buyer’s customize touches.